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Writing training

Schedule a training session to learn how to use plain language principles to communicate clearly and effectively.

How it works


Simply find a class below that meets the needs of your organization, then request a training session.


Clear, effective writing

The writing process can be daunting, especially if it isn't your primary job responsibility. But you can improve and learn to communicate more clearly and effectively. 


In this class, participants learn how to use plain language principles to make their writing more accessible, regardless of the readers' background or literacy level. Through hands-on activities participants learn the techniques that professional writers use to connect with readers.


  • Course length:

    • 2 hours or

    • 3 hours — this version has the same curriculum as the 2-hour version, but we'll spend even more time on activities to build skills



  • Overview of current communications theories and best practices

  • How to focus your message on your audience

  • How to make your writing as clear and concise as possible

  • How to improve your text through editing

  • Tips to make your communications more effective


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Edited text
Writing effective email and text messages


The purpose of texting and using email at work is to get things done. In this session we'll focus on how to make your messages as clear as possible so you can be more productive.


  • Course length: 90 minutes



  • How to write email messages that will help you accomplish your business goals

  • How to make it more likely that your messages will be read and responded to

  • How to get the most out of texting at work 


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Laptop and notebook
Writing for the web


This session focuses on learning how to craft compelling online content. We will cover current research and best practices, and you'll learn how to meet the needs — and high expectations — of your audience.


  • Course length: 90 minutes



  • Overview of research on how people respond to web content

  • How to write and maintain effective web content that meets the needs of your audience

  • How to optimize search by writing strong metadata


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Laptop and notebook
Plain language overview


The passage of the Plain Writing Act of 2010 spurred a renewed focus on clear, concise communication. But what exactly is plain language? Find out in this entertaining session that will leave you excited to start using plain language techniques to connect with your audience.


  • Course length: 1 hour



  • Brief history and definition of plain language

  • Find out if it works

  • Examples of plain and not-so-plain language

  • How to develop an effective and sustainable plain language program


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Plain language consultation or design your own class


I can work with you to craft a training session for the unique needs of your organization. We can start from scratch or take elements from any of the other sessions and combine them into a personalized experience. 


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